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The Way it Was
Hattie Beresford on Santa Barbara as a paradise for World War II veterans

Eye on Santa Barbara
No building dominates Santa Barbara’s skyline quite like Saint Anthony’s Seminary

Community Calendar
Kevin Contreras’s “Building Green” TV show airs; Westmont’s Wind Ensemble concert; jazzing up Peabody’s; lots to come

Letters to the Editor
Planning process in context; thank you from MERRAG; Saddam’s demise

The Association Agenda
Montecito Association Bob Collector introduces the first of a regular monthly column

n.o.t.e.s from downtown
Human Rights Commission detains Jim Alexander for insensitive ethnic remarks

Montecito Beautification Day 2006
Biltmore breakfast, beautiful weather, folk music, Firehouse lunch: the perfect Montecito day

Purely Political
Former Governor Christine Todd Whitman battles to bring Republicans to center

John Wilcock
Wal-Mart loses foothold overseas; obsessing over flatulence; “Predator Panic”

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf on Richard Powers’s “The Echo Maker” and the evolution of the serial killer novel

Local Snapshot
Meet Augie Lopez, friendly security guard at the Upper Village Santa Barbara Bank & Trust

Your Estate
Gary Bartick on saving as much money as possible on a second home purchase

Wealth Strategies
Brad Stark on IRS plan to shut down tried-and-true tax avoidance technique

World of Golf
The Grand at Point Clear, in Alabama: heavy dosage of Southern hospitality and comfort

On the Beat
Kings of the Road, The Drivers, to play Santa Barbara Blues Society gig

On Stage
Montecito girl Carlin Traxler lands lead in high school fall play

Spotlight on SB
Santa Barbara Theatre’s “Forever Plaid” debuts with sold out performance

Focus on Film
Steven Libowitz on “Babel”

World of Wine
Bill Foley’s Foley Estates Vineyard, 460 acres of 59 micro-vineyards all bottled into one

The Write of His Life

Vol. 12 Issue 23


“Zambezi sharks are one of the world’s most dangerous predators,” Montecito surfer Shaun Tomson writes in the first sentence of his new book, “Surfer’s Code: 12 Simple Lessons for Riding Through Life.”


The California Two-Step

California took one step forward but many steps backward in the November 7 election. Voter approval of Proposition 1A was a good thing, limiting state government’s ability to siphon transportation money in order to fuel spending for other programs. Unfortunately, Prop 1A was countered by an alphabet soup of new...

Coming and Going

A Reassuring Thump

At the darkest moments during the recent mass walkout and union-organizing unpleasantness at the Santa Barbara News-Press, acting publisher (at the time) and editorial page editor Travis Armstrong was under the kind of pressure few ever go through. Acknowledging the pressure was indeed intense, Travis revealed during a recent short...

Scene Around Town


The invitation had a cartoon of Al the Lobster and his beach pal Cow saying, ”Utter the word to everyone: they’ll catch waves of fun at this soirée!” Now I’ve never seen a lobster and a cow “paling” around together, but the Assistance League of Santa Barbara (ALSB) served up...

Trail Talk


Lynn Kirst examines cowboys and Indians, in art and life, previews coming events

Like “cats and dogs,” “oil and vinegar,” or “black and white,” cowboys and Indians is one of those pairings of opposites that have almost become a cliché. The following two offerings allow fans of either or both a good dose of each. ...

A Montecito Halloween

Ghost Village Road

At its best Ghost Village Road is at once one of the county’s most wholesome and safest places for parents to bring their kids for trick-or-treating, and it’s also one of the finest stages for intrepid folks to fashion seminal costumes amongst a crowd of abiding observers. Last Tuesday’s Halloween...