(compiled from information supplied by Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department, Carpinteria Branch)

The Montecito Citizens Academy

A September town hall meeting focusing on crime prompted Sheriff Jim Anderson to consider the implementation of a Citizens Academy in which Montecito residents could volunteer to take an eight-week course to learn the inner workings of the Sheriff’s Department. The academy, which the department hopes to launch by January 2007, would take place once a week for three to four hours and would be taught by members of the Sheriff’s Department.

“It’s been a very successful program in the North County and I think it would work very well here,” Anderson said.

The program is designed to give participants an overall knowledge of Sheriff’s Department operations. Each class would feature a representative of a department division: SWAT team, gang unit and bomb squad.

Graduates of the program would be awarded a certificate. “In turn, that should give the citizen appreciation of what law enforcement does,” said Erik Raney, the department’s public information officer.

For more info on the Citizens Academy please call 684-5405.

Cocaine Smoker on East Mountain Drive

Monday, October 9 – Sheriff’s deputies arrested a man on East Mountain Drive for smoking cocaine.

Deputy R. Gamboa was patrolling westbound on East Mountain Drive, and observed a male sleeping in his vehicle, a violation of Santa Barbara County Ordinance 24-5.3 (sleeping in a vehicle in a public area).

The deputy said he noticed some pornographic material in the man’s vehicle and asked for additional deputy assistance.

The man said he was sleeping in his car because he had gotten into a fight with his wife earlier that evening and had left to avoid further complications. He added that he smoked $20 worth of cocaine a couple hours prior.

The deputies arrested the man for being under the influence of a controlled substance. A urine sample was sent to the Department of Justice for verification.

Wallet Lost on Cold Springs Trail

Tuesday, October 10 – A man visiting from Switzerland lost his wallet on Cold Springs Trail.

Around 5 pm the man reported he realized he had lost his wallet on the trail. The wallet contained $150, a credit card and his Switzerland identification.

If you have any information as to the whereabouts of his wallet, please contact the Santa Barbara Sheriff’s Department.

Vandalism on Sycamore Vista Road

Friday, October 13 – A 20-year-old Brooks Institute student is suspected of carving messages into wooden cabinets and cutting power cords to some appliances at a residence on Sycamore Vista Road.

The victim rented out a room to the suspect. Recently, the victim hired more help to assist him and his wife. Apparently, the suspect was irritated with the new situation and moved out.

Deputy P. Farley wrote in his sheriff’s report that while moving out, the suspect carved “you’re the type of person that keeps this world from being a better place.”

Shoving Match at Summerland Complex

Monday, October 16 – A woman living in an apartment complex on Wood Opal Way was knocked down during an altercation with an employee of a moving company.

The victim told Deputy J. DeOrnellas that she had asked the movers to move their truck because it was blocking her car. The movers refused and continued to move furniture. She approached the movers and one of them lunged at her and knocked her to the ground. She said she got up and he did it again.

A witness said she never saw anyone lunge at the supposed victim.

Deputies have contacted the moving company but have been unsuccessful finding the employees in question.