Montecito’s Beautification Day

This is a two-decade-old tradition that requires both your continuing (and enthusiastic) support and physical presence. Young and old, tall and small, slow and swift, nimble or stiff – all are welcome. Show up at 8:45 am and join other families at the green across from the Post Office in Montecito Shopping Village, and you’ll be greeted with a Continental-style breakfast, served up by Four Seasons Biltmore, and urns of strong coffee. Sign up to collect trash from beside your street and you’ll receive this year’s beautification tee shirt, along with plastic gloves and a large garbage bag. Upon your return, there will be entertainment and awards; afterwards, you are invited to enjoy a hearty lunch of Firehouse Chili, cooked up by Montecito firefighters. Breakfast begins at 9 am, cleanup routes between 9 am and 11 am, lunch at 11 am. For more information, see our cover story on page 28.

Election Day 2006, Part Deux

As promised, here are our picks.

Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor. We like Libertarian candidate Art Olivier’s political philosophy that, “Big government is corrupt, inefficient, wasteful and unsustainable.” We agree that state government is too big, taxes are too high, and our debt is increasing with every new bond measure that is passed. Starting with the most corrupt programs, Art Olivier would steadfastly reduce the size of state government. In a Olivier regime, employees would be able to, for example, negotiate with their employer on whether or not they wanted to be covered by Workers’ Comp. Those that opted out of the system would split the difference in savings with their employer and would dramatically increase their hourly pay, some by more than 50%. But Olivier doesn’t stand a chance against the Terminator, and we don’t want to take any chance that Angelides wins, so our vote goes to Arnold.

Tom McClintock for Lieutenant Governor – A good man, our favorite candidate, who will make a fine Governor one day (2010?). Bruce McPherson for Secretary of State; Tony Strickland for Controller; Claude Parrish for Treasurer – He understands that the increasing amount of bonds passed in California will cause taxes to rise. With the rise in taxes, California will see a decrease in small-business formation and corporations doing business here. States like Nevada and South Dakota have seen increased corporate activity because of low corporate taxes and incentives. Chuck Poochigian is our candidate for Attorney General. He is the only candidate with a legitimate chance to defeat Jerry Brown, who failed as governor, failed as a mayor, and if elected will fail as Attorney General. Other choices as we go down ballot are: Insurance Commissioner – Steve Poizner; Board of Equalization, District 1: Kennita Watson.

Elected representatives: U.S. Senator, Richard Mountjoy; U.S. Representative 23rd District, Victor D. Tognazzini; State Assembly 35th District, Christina Carreno Martin. We have no illusions and expect that many of our choices will go down in a flurry of hanging chads. There is little doubt that Dianne Feinstein, Lois Capps, and Pedro Nava will be re-elected, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it, or vote for them.

Bob Noel and Rosanne Crawford for Santa Barbara School Board

Not everyone should go to college and School Board incumbent (and former professor) Bob Noel understands that. He has endorsed a four-year alternative high-school level program that combines technical training with academic work, and includes studies in architecture, engineering, CAD drafting, building codes, construction techniques, materials and project management. Bob has also proposed a program geared towards public safety (search and rescue, community-based policing, fire fighting and disaster preparedness).

Noel asks questions that others won’t. If programs aren’t working, if money has gone missing, if students aren’t learning, someone must ask why, and Bob is often the only person that expects serious answers. He has been accused of not being a “team player,” and that may be true, but he refuses to “go along to get along,” and that puts us on Bob’s team.

Rosanne Crawford is not the most polished candidate, but is easily the most appealing. Her message is short and clear: she opposes development of Hidden Valley or Tatum properties for subsidized teacher housing, and supports accelerated learning programs like GATE.

The Sheriff’s Race: We don’t see why Sheriff Jim Anderson should not serve a second term. He may be a little too close to the Chumash for some, and that relationship could become problematic. But, we chalk that up to clumsy evidence that he’s more of a law-enforcement guy than a politician. As Sheriff, he handled a fight between two men – outgoing Sheriff’s Council president Chris Edgecomb and incoming president James Towle – like a man. In other words, he ignored it, and we respect him for that. Anderson is a man with a five-year plan and although Lompoc Police Chief Bill Brown seems like a decent and competent guy, we believe Sheriff Anderson deserves a second term.

VOTE NO on Measure D


This should be voted against with both joy and vigor.

VOTE YES on Measure P