Monday, September 25 – A fence on Banner Avenue was vandalized after a dispute between residents over their respective property line went unresolved.

One of the residents told Deputy Lampe that her and her neighbors have had an ongoing dispute regarding their shared property line. She said she put up a metal temporary fence between properties to clearly define their boundaries.

She said she noticed the fence had been removed when she was leaning against some shrubbery along the disputed property line. Some of the fence’s legs, she reported, were bent.

The resident said she had hired a private surveyor to inspect the property. She said the surveyor told her the property extended a few feet farther than she believed, so she divided the two parcels with a fence.

In his sheriff’s report, Lampe wrote that lawyers had gotten involved and are trying to mediate the dispute.

Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Monday, September 25 – An identified suspect was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after he struck his boss in the head with a glass at a furniture store on East Valley Road.

The victim, and owner of the store, was taken to Cottage Hospital, where he was treated for a small cut on his cornea in his left eye. Deputy VanWagoner wrote in his sheriff’s report that he didn’t notice any visible injuries.

Deputies have tried unsuccessfully to contact the suspect.

The victim told VanWagoner he was involved in a heated dispute with an employee about how business operations were being conducted. The owner reportedly told the employee if he wasn’t satisfied, then he should quit.

The store owner reported the employee picked up a drinking glass from a table and threw it at his head, hitting him in the left side of the face. He said also picked up a cell phone and threw it at him.

Rude Phone Call at Montecito Union

Monday, September 25 – A Montecito Union School employee reported receiving a rude and annoying phone call.

The victim told Deputy Rose that she received a phone call from a man she described as being in this thirties. The man greeted her warmly then proceeded to ask her questions. When the man would ask a question he would always preface it by using her first name. She answered his questions and hung up. A few moments later, she said the man called back, said hello again and then told her a sexually explicit phrase, repeated it and hung up.

She said he never called again. Sheriff’s deputies told her to contact the authorities if he ever calls again.

Double Suicide Attempt

Tuesday, September 26 – A concerned caretaker of a 90-year-old woman and her 92-year-old husband reported the Plaza De Sonadores residents attempted a double suicide.

The caretaker told Deputy Lampe that the wife had contemplated ending their lives after the Department of Motor Vehicles called her husband requesting a re-evaluation of his driver’s license.

Unsure how to proceed, the husband reportedly had asked his wife what to do and she said, “You know what I think, double suicide.”

The husband said he did not agree with a suicide because it would be against their religion and would “banish [us] to hell,” Lampe wrote.

The couple had been growing discontent with their quality of life for the past few years, Lampe wrote in his report.

The couple had become more and more physically dependent on others and apparently wanted their lives to end.

The caretaker working for the couple advised deputies that there was a loaded .22 handgun in the residence. The weapons were confiscated and their daughter was notified of the situation.