This 2-year-old Harlequin Macaw has a personality that is as colorful as his plumage. Chico is “extremely goofy and an excellent talker,” says Jamie McLeod, founder of Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary. Chico was raised from infancy by his guardians, who showered him with love, but, regretfully, gave him up after neighbors complained about the noise. Chico is now hoping for a new home with a person or family that doesn't have neighbors nearby.

If you have experience with birds and can offer Chico a loving home, call Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary at 565-1807. The Summerland-based organization is designed to ensure responsible bird ownership through education, support and, when needed, to locate alternative second homes through a carefully supervised adoption program. View other adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies at

Sponsor a Bird

Can’t adopt a feathered friend right now? Consider sponsoring one instead. Sponsoring a bird helps the Sanctuary defray the cost of food and ongoing care. The organization offers three types of sponsorship: small birds ($20 monthly or $200 annually), medium-sized birds ($35 monthly or $350 annually) and large birds ($50 monthly or $500 annually). Sponsors receive a color photograph and biography of their “adopted” bird. If you are interested in sponsoring a bird, call Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary at 565-1807 or visit