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Also Inside This Issue

The Way it Was
It’s 1943, and the Santa Barbara homefront keeps busy supporting American battlefront

Eye on Santa Barbara
Junipero Gates represent evolutionary marker in this area’s use of architectural materials

Letters to the Editor
A suggestion for what to do with Miramar; more Westmont development opining; more

Weighing in on Westmont
Representatives from both sides of Westmont Master Plan weigh in on development proposal

Body movers and shakers John and Cindy Ebadi celebrate their club’s 21st anniversary

State Street Spin
Sights for sore eyes at SEE International annual gala; feathered friends flock to Zoofari

Community Calendar
PTA meeting; Montecito author-screenwriter to discuss Hollywood adventures, new book; lots to come

n.o.t.e.s from downtown
Jim Alexander’s complete guide to behaving inappropriately in public and getting away with it

Book Talk
If anyone can write cop novels, it might as well be a real cop, says Shelly Lowenkopf

John Wilcock
eBay battle; Lily pad terrorism; proliferation of painting forgeries; inner-tribal fights

Trail Talk
Ed Borein, acknowledged member of Golden Age of Western art’s trifecta

Local People
Montecito filmmaker Craig Haffner says Americans of all ages are “historically illiterate”

The Opinionated Traveler
David Goldman at Africa’s southernmost extremity, the Cape of Good Hope

Our Town
Students from Montecito Union, Cold Spring jog for money and class pride

Adopt a Pet
Harlequin Macaw Chico has personality that’s as colorful as his plumage

Garden Gossip
It’s October, have you trimmed your roses, cleaned out your gutters and downspouts?

Real Estate View
Beware of price inflation transactions, get your money’s worth; pros and cons of Prop 90

Estate Planning
Reverse mortgages are alternative to pesky taxes associated with IRA withdrawals

World of Golf
California’s best and closest desert courses; Santa Barbara Golf Invitational at Birnam Wood

Events Calendar
Festival of Art; Calder Quartet at Museum of Art; Margaritaville at the Bowl; Shostakovich salute

Classical Connection
Santa Barbara Symphony’s new music director Nir Kabaretti’s balancing act

On Stage
Interview with Westmont professor John Blondell on Lit Moon Festival; schedule highlights

Spotlight on Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara Theatre Co., performs at Getty Villa; autumn sun sets on Nights

Focus on Film
Helen Mirren inhabits Queen Elizabeth in “The Queen”; Leonard Cohen tribute to Leonard Cohen

World of Wine
Guided and photographed tour of France’s Rhone wine region

Sheriff's Blotter
Property disput on Banner Avenue; Assault with deadly weapon

Classified Advertising


Vol. 12 Issue 21


One of the Upper Village’s foremost properties is for sale in an imminent deal that could very well determine the future of seven Montecito businesses. A private family trust has listed the 57,000-square-foot parcel known as the “Pharmacy” property, 1496-1498 East Valley Road, with the commercial real estate firm, Leider-Hayes, in a closed bidding process that expires on October 25. Local real estate agents predict that the property on the northwestern corner of San Ysidro and East Valley Roads will sell for about $10 million, but could bring in as much as $15 million.


We Are In Favor Of:

TIm gives his YES or NO on California bonds and measures

Election day is Tuesday, November 7th, which means it is time, dear friends, to watch your wallets; political pickpockets are roaming your district. This issue, we’ll cover the statewide issues, propositions, and bond proposals; next issue we’ll discuss local, county, state, and federal officeholders. ...

Coming & Going

A Furrowed Good-Bye

The retirement party held for outgoing Montecito Fire Chief Ron McClain (who has been with MFD since 1974) was a rowdy affair, attended as it was by some 150 friends, relatives (Ron’s mom really was there – Ron’s father, Carl McClain, was a Santa Barbara City firefighter), co-workers, and acquaintances....

Scene Around Town


One young woman’s dream of helping children with cancer and their parents began in 2002 on the floor of her apartment with papers and a laptop. She had no table or furniture and she was a waitress at night. But Nikki Katz’s dream came true and the Teddy Bear Cancer...



Giffin & Crane signs hug the curb in front of some of the most prestigious private homes under construction in Montecito. If you had just arrived here from Mars (or from even farther away, say, Los Angeles), you could be forgiven for believing that Giffin & Crane is some large...