Sunday, September 3 – An unknown perpetrator entered an unlocked vehicle on Chelham Way and stole a digital camera and Revo sunglasses. The Cannon SLR-D20 digital camera is valued at $1,600 and the sunglasses are worth $140.

The owner of the vehicle told Deputy Messmore that he parked his car in the evening in his driveway and when he returned to it at 7 am the next morning, his property was gone.

No suspects were identified.

Air Compressor Stolen on Fernald Point

Friday, September 8 – An unknown suspect broke into a construction site on Fernald Point Lane and stole an air compressor.

The owner of the construction company told Deputy Dickey that the perpetrator had cut a hole in the perimeter fence and had cut the lock to the construction trailer. The owner and crew searched the premise for missing items and found that the air compressor had been the only thing stolen.

No fingerprints were lifted from the scene.

Construction Site Skirmish

Monday, September 11 – A man working at an Ortega Ridge Road construction site was head-butted by another employee.

According to Deputy Dickey’s report, the job supervisor and the job foreman were involved in a verbal disagreement and the foreman slammed his head into the supervisor’s face. No immediate medical attention was needed but the deputy noted that he could see dried blood around the victim’s nose. A witness confirmed the supervisor’s story.

Marijuana Possession on Alston Road

Wednesday, September 13 – A suspect on Alston Road was arrested for possessing six bags of marijuana with intent to sell.

The perpetrator was discovered while Deputy Lampe was performing a check-up on a suspicious-looking vehicle parked on Alston Road.

When he arrived, Lampe reported he noticed a male sleeping in the back of the vehicle. The occupant told him he and his girlfriend and had gotten into a fight and he had nowhere to go.

The deputy asked whether he could search the car and the suspect agreed.

Padaro Lane Smash and Grab

Wednesday, September 13 – A man was caught on tape breaking a window of a vehicle and stealing a purse on Padaro Lane. The $2,500 Fendi Spybag contained Juicy glasses valued at $375, a Hobo wallet worth $200 and $200 in cash.

The victim’s nanny told Deputy W. Johnson she was getting back late from an errand and observed a suspicious subject hanging around the area. She described the suspect as a 30- to 40-year-old white man with dark skin wearing a light-colored shirt and dark shorts. She believed the suspect was associated with an older model tan jeep Cherokee.

Cameras on location have the suspect on video.