This season is a chance to reinvent yourself, and many designers focus heavily on their fall collection, seeing it as a chance to work with many fabrics and styles from coats and sweaters to tailored tops and dresses. In the fall, the South Coast’s warm days and cool evenings create obstacles for shoppers who either stay fashionable, and warm, by layering clothes or by finding the industry’s most versatile fabrics. Nicole Green, manager and buyer at Coast Village boutique Angel, expanded recently on fall’s basic staples, must-have items and emerging trends.

Q. What are some of the big fall fads this month?

A. We are getting in a lot of long sweaters and tunics and new takes on the traditional sweater with great details like kimono sleeves and hoods. The silhouette is looser this season and cashmere has really evolved in many weights and designs. One way to wear the popular oversized sweater is to accentuate your waist with a wide or skinny belt. I am also noticing that jeans are taking a backseat this season to more feminine pieces such as dresses and trousers, a refreshing new direction for many of us.

What colors are popular?

At Angel we are seeing a lot of muted tones such as taupe and linen colors, various shades of grays, and black is definitely making a strong comeback. Another new trend is mixing non-traditional color matches such as black and brown, and navy and brown, or navy and black. This has traditionally been taboo until this year where we are seeing many rules go out the window. Stripes are big in a variety of color combinations, especially in sweaters and tops.

What is a fall trend everyone can adopt?

A summer dress can be taken into fall with the addition of leggings, a belt or a cardigan sweater. Layering is great for fall, and wearing a dress over a long sleeve shirt or turtle neck top looks great, or just adding a sweater or coat to an outfit makes for instant warmth and chic.

Name three essential pieces for this season.

A long cashmere sweater, a romantic top in cream or black and a soft leather jacket are all must-haves. Gold accessories are going to be big this year, and belts – both wide and masculine, and skinny and feminine.

How has fashion in Montecito evolved over the 12 years you’ve been working at Angel?

When I started here in the early nineties the trends were a throwback to the seventies, and now we’re seeing many eighties-inspired trends such as leggings and skinny jeans. Many of these retro trends come and go, but I also strive to keep our shelves full of great basics and staples that carry over from season to season. Over the years we have made many consistent and loyal customers that we get to know very well and enjoy helping them to build on their wardrobe each season.

With our mild seasons, how can we still embrace fall clothing?

Pick lightweight sweaters over chunky ones, layer pieces together so you can adjust to the changing temperatures and fog, and find coats that are not too heavy.

How would you describe Montecito style?

I would say the typical Montecito woman looks great and pulled together from head to toe, but with little effort; a casual elegance. Very similar to our landscape, subtle yet beautiful. Many of our customers want clothes that are comfortable yet sophisticated, so they can run errands, go to the beach, and meet friends for lunch without changing in between.