Suspected Witchcraft on La Vereda

Monday, August 14 – Unknown suspects vandalized a fence at a La Vereda Road residence in an act that one witness described as sorcery. The perpetrators covered the fence in red graffiti.

The witness told Deputy Skall she heard chanting and voices coming from the other side of her fence. The chants were recited in Spanish, she said, and she believed that they were practicing witchcraft. She said she never saw the suspects, but believes that the red graffiti is being used as a beacon for other witchcraft practitioners in the area.

Deputies Search for Missing Property

Monday, August 14 – County Sheriff’s deputies are investigating whether a suspect stole electronic equipment and 19 pieces of jewelry valued approximately $10,000 from a Sycamore Canyon Road residence.

The owner of the house told Deputy T. Henderson that for several months there had been extensive maintenance, painting and general housekeeping going on at her residence. In an effort to alleviate some of the work, the victim hired a housekeeper.

When the resident’s daughter and son noticed that their digital cameras were missing, the victim said she called looking for the housekeeper and was informed the housekeeper had recently been arrested for a DUI.

The company that employed the housekeeper said she had been fired two months prior for stealing a diamond necklace from a Montecito residence.

The victim said she promptly checked her jewelry to see whether any was missing. She found 19 pieces missing from her bedroom

Coastal Bureau Detectives has taken over the investigation.

Paintballs Shot at Boundary Drive Homes

Monday, August 21 – Two residences on Boundary Drive were blasted with paintballs. Deputies linked the acts to a neighborhood kid who admitted to the vandalism and promised to clean up his mess.

The reporting party said about 10 am she heard her dogs barking. She thought nothing of it because she didn’t hear or see anything that would have caused them to start barking.

She walked out of her residence at 2:45 pm and noticed several oily spots on the windows and paintball shells on the ground. She said she went outside and noticed her neighbor had 11 paintball splatters on their garage door.

Judging by the relatively tight group of paintball impacts, deputies said they believe the act wasn’t accidental and looked like the paintballs were shot from across the street.

No charges were filed.

East Valley Road Civil Dispute

Wednesday, August 23 – A civil dispute broke out at an East Valley Road residence. The couple is still married, but they’re in the middle of a divorce.

The woman involved told Deputy T. Crouse that her husband was accessing her computer. Her suspicions were confirmed when her attorney told her the husband had been using her e-mail account to contact the lawyer.

She also claimed that her husband signed her name on a loan for her husband’s business and claimed that there were several wire transfers from her Morgan Stanley account in New York that she did not authorize.

She said that over the years, more than $2 million had been transferred from a joint account without her knowledge or permission.

She didn’t want to file charges on her husband, but said she didn’t want to be held liable for the loan she did not co-sign for.

Missing Jewelry on San Ysidro

Wednesday, August 23 – Deputies are looking into a case that involves more than $60,000 worth of stolen jewelry from a San Ysidro Road home, including one wedding ring valued at $30,000. The department says it’s identified multiple suspects.

While the victim was on vacation, her daughter had several friends over at the house for a social gathering. After the party was over, the daughter said she noticed many pieces of expensive jewelry missing.

The daughter told deputies she trusted most of her friends because of their longtime relationships. The department has identified the few guests she doesn’t know well as suspects.