This cute, fluffy one-year-old Wheaton Terrier looks like he belongs on one of those ‘60s family situational comedies like “The Brady Bunch” or “My Three Sons.” Energetic and independent, Dodger will require a home with patient, dog-experienced folks who understand the importance of bonding with and training their canine best friend. This little rascal gets along well with other dogs, kids ages 12 and older, and possibly cats. With the proper mix of love and training, Dodger will no doubt become an entertaining co-star in your family.

To meet Dodger, stop by or call K9 PALS. The facility is located at 5473 Overpass Road, off Patterson Avenue, 681-4369. To view pictures of other adoptable dogs, cats and bunnies, visit

A Family Affair

When bringing a new dog into the family, it's important that every human member participates in the training, according to Thom Zimerle, K9 PALS volunteer and trainer. Structured classes that teach positive, reward-based training – like the free sessions that K-9 PALS offers new adopters – help provide the tools for communicating successfully with canine family members.

Zimerle points out that an effective way to support training is to create and follow a routine for potty breaks, meals, play, calming and bed times. It's reassuring for a dog when he knows what to expect and knows who’s in charge. Establishing a routine early on helps builds confidence, reduces stress and helps a dog bond with everyone in the home. This, in turn, increases his ability to respond well to training.