21 Questions For and About Montecito

After reading Guillaume Doane’s cover story of Ty Warner’s latest travails with self-appointed Montecito guardians see Local News , it occurs to us that there are many situations and complications unique to Montecito. More importantly, there are many projects and plans in the works that the public – and specifically Montecito residents – have never been asked about. The Montecito Association, of course, represents a large chunk of our citizenry (over 1,200 households out of 4,000) and does speak for a majority. But we’re curious. The following is a series of questions we’d like answers to. We’re also proud of our new website (www.montecitojournal.net) that features not only stories, but also pictures from those stories. We really would like to get detailed responses to the following thoughts, questions, suggestions, and predicaments. You can either e-mail them to: tim@montecitojournal.net or go online, choose the Editorial, and respond via our website: www.montecitojournal.net.

1) How do you feel about our cover story and the stairs and wall that Ty Warner wants to spend $2 million repairing? Should he get what he wants? You should know that, legally, he is not required to build or repair anything there.

2) If Ty Warner loses interest in the Miramar property, either out of frustration or boredom, what then would be the best possible fate of the Miramar? Would another hotel be the right thing for Montecito? If not, what are some other options?

3) Residents fought against a roundabout at Butterfly & Coast Village Road, and Santa Barbara City planners nixed the substitution of a four-way Stop sign. Do you think there should be a stop sign at that intersection? If not, why not?

4) MJ columnist Kim Seefeld exposed deep and continuing fraud and mismanagement by Santa Barbara County administrators in its for-sale Affordable Housing Program in a series in this paper and in the News-Press. How do you feel about the entire question of affordable housing? Should it be up to fellow citizens, through their taxes, to subsidize the living quarters of other taxpayers who could afford to live elsewhere? If so, why? Would you consider volunteering to place more affordable housing units in Montecito?

5) Many Montecito residents give oral support to the idea of affordable housing. If you are one of them, would you support the idea of an affordable apartment complex next to your house?

6) Adding a third lane to Highway 101 from Milpas to the Ventura County line will take nine years (not including any delays) of construction. While a third lane will likely speed up traffic, will it be a positive development for Montecito?

7) Do you think it is wise to close off the southbound onramp at Cabrillo Boulevard?

8) Are you in favor of a 30-year extension of a ½% sales tax and the addition of another ¼% sales tax, raising the Santa Barbara County sales-tax rate to 8%?

9) Should the alcohol ban at Butterfly Beach be rescinded?

10) Has the alcohol ban at Butterfly Beach been successful?

11) What should be done about the parking areas on the south side of Coast Village Road that drivers use as an escape route when traffic backs up along Coast Village Road?

12) Is undergrounding utility lines and poles in Montecito a dead issue? If not, how much would you be willing to add to your property tax bill to underground Montecito’s utility wires and poles?

13) Do you think Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department is adequately monitoring Montecito?

14) How do you feel about panhandlers working the Hot Springs Road exit and Coast Village Road?

15) Is it worth reconsidering cityhood for Montecito?

16) Do you care who wins the Supervisor seat for the Second District?

17) How do you feel about a possible junior high school for Montecito?

18) Would you be in favor of a nightclub on Coast Village Road that would be open after midnight?

19) Do you think Montecito is prepared to handle a major disaster?

20) How do you feel about the possibility of either a concession stand or toilet facilities on Butterfly Beach?

21) Should the trolley return to Montecito?

That’s it, twenty-one questions. We’d appreciate if you would take time to read them all and if there is one (or more) you’d care to respond to with an answer or opinion, we would be most thankful.