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The Way it Was
Hattie Beresford on how auto camps reshaped Santa Barbara’s habits, and its temperament

Eye on Montecito
Gardner Dailey may not think so, but the Coral Casino and nature mix pretty well

Letters to the Editor
Camera at the Cold Springs Trailhead? Affordable housing for teachers? Panhandling economics

Community Calendar
Lotusland rocks the garden; Montecito’s newest bestselling author; Cold Spring picnic; Montecito Frame “Variety Show”; plus more

Judy Foreman on CALM Showcase House tour that combines charity and latest in tech-design

Ernie’s World
Whatever you do don’t let Ernie near the kitchen, unless it’s do your dishes, of course

Adopt a Pet
Meet Dodger. He’s energetic, independent and he can even play a little center field

Book Talk
Shelly calls plots mere springboards, says we remember characters more fondly anyway

On Faith
James Powell and Ed Bastian discuss Casa de Maria’s upcoming weekend of interfaith and mutual inquiry

Trail Talk
Lynn says close encounters prevail on the trails and resolution process moves at glacial pace

John Wilcock
New Orleans copes with its woes with cocktails and celebration of its rich traditions and past

Local People
She may be known to many as Mrs. Jimmy Connors, but Patti McGuire was and still is her own woman

World of Golf
We sent Ray out to stay at a deluxe San Francisco hotel and play the city’s best courses. Life just isn’t fair…

Real Estate View
Whatever you do, quit your job and become a teacher. There’s new housing perks, says Mark Schneidman

Estate Planning
How revisions to the Pension Protection Act should make you revise your economic approach

Time…use it wisely
Use your time wisely, says Ward; otherwise 85 will sneak up on you faster than you’d like

Focus on Film
Steven Libowitz on “Hollywoodland,” part George Reeves biopic, part murder mystery

On the Beat
Charles Lloyd may be 68 but he doesn’t pay attention to time; that’s a good thing, says Steven Libowitz

World of Wine
Dr. Judy Willis on the slanted wines of Demetria Estate, the Valley’s highest vineyard

Los Angeles couple buys woeful L’Ombretta, turns it into 50-seat seafood restaurant

Sheriff's Blotter
Witchcraft on La Vereda; stolen jewelry; paintballing in the neighborhood; more


Volunteers Needed
It’s not like we’re asking you to sell your soul or anything; just give up a few hours or days of your time


Vol. 12 Issue 18

Hotel Owner Battles Against ‘Anti-Ty’ Campaigners

In the company’s first appeal of a Montecito Planning Commission decision since last February’s Biltmore Spa saga, Ty Warner Hotels and Resorts has asked the County Board of Supervisors to consider a full and unquestioned approval of the Biltmore seawall and steps renovation. In the commission’s 4-1 approval of the $2-million rehabilitation, the Warner team said commissioners imposed unfair and arbitrary conditions that stymie a timely repair.


21 Questions For and About Montecito

After reading Guillaume Doane’s cover story of Ty Warner’s latest travails with self-appointed Montecito guardians see Local News , it occurs to us that there are many situations and complications unique to Montecito. More importantly, there are many projects and plans in the works that the public...

News ALERT 8/30/2006

Vandals Tag Butterfly Underpass

Just as the paint was drying on the restoration and improvement of the Butterfly Lane pedestrian underpass, vandals on August 29 left their own signature. The three-foot tall and 10-foot wide inscription “VANDLS” was spray-painted in silver and white in a brazen act that comes only a few days since...

The ABC’s of Back to School

Tech Support

Beginning this fall, 1,131 students will be enrolled in Montecito’s five public and private primary schools – Montecito Union (421), Cold Spring (197), Crane (233), Lower Laguna Blanca (95) and Our Lady of Mount Carmel (185). As teachers readied their classrooms last week and put the finishing touches on their...

Coming and Going

Polo, Please

Forget baseball, football, tennis, basketball, and all other sports (except for golf) that purport to be “the people’s game.” Nowadays, that title belongs to professional polo. For $15 a person (the price is usually $10, but this was for the big triple crown trophy), some 3,000 fervid and casual fans...

On Stage

Theater Shepherds

Santa Barbara has a lot of small theater companies, and there’s no dearth of one-offs and other short run ventures either, especially in the summer, when college kids home for vacation also get in on the act. But when Montecito couple Marilyn Gilbert and Nathan Rundlett decide to put together...

Scene Around Town


Fiesta may seem like ages ago, but believe it or not, there’s still more to tell. The Braille Institute Auxiliary of Santa Barbara has held the Robert Skene Invitational Polo Match and Benefit Luncheon 23 times around Old Spanish Days, but this was the first year it had a fiesta...