Monday, July 17 – An unknown suspect stole a wooden sign from a Padaro Lane residence.

The victim described the sign as six feet in width and three feet in height. The wood was painted a grayish green color and had intricate hand carvings of mountains and the inscription “Montanas Y Mar” overlapping the carvings.

The sign had been hanging there for 20 years. The victim said he had no idea why anyone would want to steal it.

Smash and Grab at Cold Springs Trailhead

Saturday, July 29 – A car was burglarized at the Cold Springs Trailhead.

The suspect picked up a rock near the trailhead and threw it through the driver’s side rear window and stole a purse containing a wallet and other valuables.

There were no witnesses and there are no suspects.

Bad Checks at San Ysidro Road Boutique

Saturday, July 29 ¬¬– County Sheriff’s deputies are looking for a woman who recently purchased items from a San Ysidro Road clothing boutique with a bad check.

The woman has a documented history for writing non-sufficient fund (NSF) checks. Since 1998 she has written four bad checks totaling $10,867.

The San Ysidro store had banned this client from using checks. But because of recent completed transactions over the last couple of years, store managers felt they could take her checks once again.

Cannabis Found at Cold Springs Trailhead

Monday, July 31 – Deputies issued a man a citation at the Cold Springs Trailhead for submitting fraudulent medical prescription papers and for possession of concentrated cannabis, less than one ounce of marijuana, in addition to drug paraphernalia.

Deputy Lampe cited the man during a routine questioning while the suspect was sitting in his vehicle parked at the trailhead.

In his sheriff’s report, Lampe said he smelled marijuana in the vehicle and asked the man whether he possessed any illegal substances.

The suspect reportedly issued a fake medical prescription notice that warrants his use and possession of marijuana, two marijuana pipes and concentrated cannabis, which deputies say can include liquid THC, the drug’s active chemical, or marijuana crystals.

Missing PlayStation on Westmont Campus

Wednesday, August 2 – An unknown suspect broke into a Westmont dorm room and stole hundreds of dollars in electronic equipment. The stolen property included a Sony PlayStation, a basketball video game and iPod speakers.

The victim’s father told Deputy Van Winkle that his son was attending a summer basketball camp and shared a dorm room with three other kids.

Deputies interviewed each of the roommates and searched their bags, but didn’t find anything.

The case is pending leads.

Cab Ditched on San Ysidro Road

Saturday, August 5 – A man jumped out of a cab at the corner of San Ysidro Road and North Jameson Lane without paying his fare. Authorities reported they were unable to locate the suspect.

The cab driver described the suspect as a white 5-foot, 10-inch male weighing 210 pounds. The driver said he picked up the man in Isla Vista headed for Montecito. Once he reached San Ysidro Road, the driver said the man asked to pull over and subsequently fled the cab without paying.

Methamphetamine User on North Jameson

Sunday, August 6 – Deputies arrested a man for being under the influence of a controlled substance at the corner of Santa Isabel and North Jameson Lanes.

While patrolling, Deputy Maupin pulled over two men driving with a taillight out.

When asked whether anyone in the car was under probation, the passenger stated that he was. Deputy Maupin searched the passenger and asked the suspect whether he was under the influence of any controlled substance. The man confessed he had taken methamphetamine and was arrested on the scene.