(Information for this report was compiled with help from MA planning consultant Victoria Greene. You can contact the Association at 969-2026.)


• 101 in Motion: The Santa Barbara County Association of Governments unanimously approved a ballot measure for renewal of measure D. The proposed measure would renew the existing half-cent sales tax and add a quarter-cent for a total of three-quarter-cent sales tax to fund road improvements and alternative transportation. The Board of Supervisors placed the measure on the November ballot. For more information on how our community may be affected visit www.101inmotion.com.

• 101 Operational Improvements: This four-year, four-stage, $50-million project is slated to begin in 2007 with funding from Measure D. The construction plans are 95% completed and have been submitted to the City of Santa Barbara Design Review Team for further review. Further information about the project is available at www.sbcag.org. Due to Association input, four of the six ramp closure times will be shortened. The Montecito Association endorsed road improvements at the west end of Coast Village Road that include retention of trees on the north side of the road and some loss of parking on the south side, and other recommended changes to improve circulation safety in the immediate area.

• All Saints By-the-Sea Episcopal Church: The church renewed its request for approval of an amended conditional use permit to allow construction of a memorial garden, including a columbarium for the interment of human ashes. Neighborhood residents and the Montecito Association requested that the project be considered by the Montecito Planning Commission rather than the deputy director of County Planning & Development. As of now, the church’s application is incomplete.

• Biltmore Seawall: Reconstruction of the seawall is currently undergoing County review. A draft negative declaration was circulated for public review. A Planning Commission hearing is tentatively scheduled for August 16. Contact Errin Briggs at Planning & Development for more information (568-2000).

• Channel Drive/Olive Mill Roadwork: The Warner group is no longer pursuing installation of a landscaped median just south of the Bonnymede entrance in light of the Montecito Fire District Board’s action to disallow the median because it would constrain emergency response in the area.

• Coral Casino: The Coral Casino remains closed. Renovations are awaiting resolution of a legal challenge. A separate Montecito Sanitary District lift station adjacent to the Coral Casino is currently under construction.

•Four Seasons Biltmore Hotel: Most work on the Biltmore Hotel has been completed and the hotel is reopened. Remaining work at the hotel includes construction of underground lockers and installation of utilities. The Association is continuing to work with the hotel and Public Works to identify alternatives to avoid commercial bus parking along Channel Drive.

• Housing Element Update: The Board of Supervisors adopted Phase I of the County Housing Element on May 9. Phase I of the Housing Element includes a provision requiring up-zoning of 62 acres countywide to allow development of 20 units per acre to meet State requirements. On May 24, the County Planning Commission initiated environmental review of 10 potential sites for up-zoning. All of these sites are located in North County.

• Montecito Country Club: The property owner submitted a pre-application to the City of Santa Barbara for major changes to the property. Proposed changes include redesign of the golf course, additions to the clubhouse and other structures totaling 36,000 square feet, two underground parking structures and nine new dwellings.

• Warner Fairway Road Properties: Construction on the main house and exterior garden grading and demolition are proceeding. Additional over-height walls and gateposts were proposed in the location of a current wall and entrance along The Fairway at 1045 Fairway Road.

• Westmont College: The college’s proposal for a masterplan to add approximately 378,000 square feet to the campus has been the subject of numerous hearings before the Montecito Planning Commission and the Montecito Board of Architectural Review. Instead of proceeding with hearings scheduled for the week of May 29, Westmont requested a two-month hiatus in hearings while officials consider project changes and work with a new architect.

• ZORP: The County is proceeding with an effort to reformat and consolidate the zoning ordinances. The draft countywide and Montecito Land Use Development Codes can be viewed at www.sbcountyplanning.org and copies are available at the Montecito Association office. The documents are currently being revised in preparation for public hearings in the fall.