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The Way it Was
If you thought Santa Barbara News- Press’s current turmoil was wild…

Eye on Santa Barbara
John Watson on Gothic Revival Style home that survived 1925 earthquake

Letters to the Editor
Splendid “American Splendor”; News- Press nuances; getting hot over global warming

Community Calendar
Music Academy two-week schedule; polo season heats up; Montecito meetings; whole lot more

The Private Property Report
Kim Seefeld on how government plays even bigger role in how you live and what you do with your property

n.o.t.e.s. from downtown
Jim Alexander’s been at MJ for ten years, and he’s now demanding his pension

Adopt a Pet
Great Dane and American Bulldog mix Buster may be deaf, but he responds well to hand signals

Garden Gossip
Cullens discuss Wabi-Sabi, respect and admiration of objects of age and imperfection

Scene Around the World
Lynda Millner on apples, brandy, cows, cheese and D-Day in Normandy

The Montecito Report
A through ZORP update of all projects occurring throughout town

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf on short stories and Lee K. Abbott’s “All Things, All at Once”

Books for Kids
It’s pirate season, says Noni; it’s time to get your sword out and swashbuckle

Ward Connerly
There’s no such thing as jobs Americans won’t do, says Ward

Classical Connection
Evan Hughes grew up on Music Academy campus and now he’s a student at the school

John Wilcock
Dangers of Green mentality; Jerry Springer and shock value; Muslims versus Muslims

Moving & Shaking
“Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks” Montecito nexus; Jimmy Connors and Andy Roddick

Trail Talk
History and commentary on royal Lizzipan breed – not your average trail horse

World of Golf
Land Down Under has plenty of challenges to keep your scorecard under par

State Street Spin
Baroni babes go for big time; bocce and bologna; Fiesta Finale for Abercrombie; more

Real Estate View
Jim evaluates current market, says rising interest rates impact this area more than others

Estate Planning
Mitchell Kauffman on financial planning industry's 10 most common pitfalls

Events Calendar
Michael Buble at the Bowl; NIGHTS returns; California Wine Festival; lots more

Focus on Film
Actor Kirk Douglas discusses his SBIFF award, his family and living in Montecito

On Stage
Aszure Barton’s SUMMERDANCE program; Pulitzer Prize winner Nilo Cruz

On Sports
Montecito 12-year-old surfer Conner Coffin rides high on wave toward pro career

Beach Grill at Padaro has diverse menu and it’s about to get even more assorted

World of Wine
Multiple flavors and “liquid minerality” in France’s Burgundy wines

Sheriff's Blotter
Meth possession at East Mountain Drive; parole violation at Summerland hotel;more

Classified Advertising

The Way It Was

Vol. 12 Issue 15


An Inconvenient Truth

Editors and journalists twisting the news via selective reportage, headlines, photos, and captions is among the oldest tricks in the newspaper trade. To say that such things are not regularly done at the Santa Barbara News-Press would be at the very least, a misstatement. Therefore, when affordable-housing activist Bud Laurent...

News Feature


Montecito actor Rob Lowe’s construction bid could change County policy on house sizes

With millions of dollars at stake and the welfare of residents on the line, Montecito land use cases can often produce enough drama to reach soap opera proportions. But seldom do these cases reach epic levels quite like Rob Lowe’s construction of his mega-sized Montecito home. ...

Local News


For three years running, Coast Village merchants have learned with uncomfortable regularity the cost of not having electricity for a day. They were reminded of this lesson on June 29 when the power went out mid-morning and didn’t return until the height of the afternoon, essentially spoiling the better part...

Coming & Going

She Can Do This Too

Beverlye Hyman Fead was diagnosed with 4th-stage metastasized inoperable leiomyosarcoma in September 2002. She’d already gone through a bout with cancer (it runs in her family; her grandmother, mother, and two sisters succumbed to the disease) and felt the treatment being offered – three weeks of chemotherapy followed by stomach...