Friday, June 16 – A construction storage shed was broken into on Butterfly Lane and $6,500 dollars worth of tools were stolen.

The owner of the construction outfit working at the residence told deputy R. Gamboa that he locked up the jobsite before he left for the weekend. When he returned the following Monday, the owner said he found the storage shed had been broken into and many of his expensive tools were missing.

He said he found the lock to the shed on the ground, and judging by the black debris on it, concluded that a torch had been used to cut it off the shed. Numerous tools were stolen, but deputies said they believe the suspects must have been tool-savvy because only the most expensive tools had been taken. A couple of tools were left behind and deputy Gamboa reported he managed to extract two fingerprints, which were sent to forensics.

A woman living near the construction site said she noticed a silver Chevy sport utility vehicle parked near the construction site. A Hispanic male on his cell phone occupied the vehicle, and drove around the block and parked in the same spot time and time again, she said. The neighbor wrote down the vehicle’s license plate number.

The Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s department tried to contact the man, a Los Angeles resident, but have been unable to contact him.

The contractor said all tools removed have blue spray paint on them.

Orchids Stolen from East Valley Business

Friday, June 16 – During evening or nighttime hours, potted plants were stolen from a business on East Valley Road.

The nursery in Upper Village was robbed of five potted Miltonia orchids around 7 in the evening, according to Deputy T. Henderson.

There are no suspects or witnesses.

Vehicle Burglarized on Cowles Road

Friday, June 16 – A vehicle was broken into on Cowles Road and a few valuables were stolen.

Deputy T. Henderson reported that the driver-side door of the vehicle was left open. Further investigation revealed that two roadside emergency kits and two Swiss Army pocketknives had been taken from inside the unlocked vehicle.

Vehicle Stolen from Shelby Street Residence

Tuesday, June 20 – An unknown suspect illegally entered a house on Shelby Street, nabbed the resident’s car keys and escaped in the owner’s vehicle.

The victim told Deputy Lampe that after returning home, he parked his Ford Expedition in his driveway. He said he entered his home and placed the keys to the vehicle on top of the entry room chest located near the front door. A little afterwards, the victim said he was wandering outside in his garden and noticed that his vehicle was no longer in the driveway. He checked inside and the keys were also gone.

The victim said he believes that a former employee of his could have stolen his car because the said employee had previously been involved in the theft of his computer.

Later that evening, a car registered to the victim was found at a stop sign in Santa Barbara. The case is currently pending leads.

Bank of America Robbed, Again

Wednesday, June 21 – Midmorning, the Coast Village Road branch of Bank of American was robbed.

Santa Barbara Police Lieutenant D. Paul McCaffrey described the suspect as a lone male in his late 20s wearing a cap, sunglasses and dark shirt. The alleged perpetrator escaped on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash. The suspect description is similar to the man who robbed the Santa Barbara Bank & Trust Coast Village Road branch on the afternoon of June 20.

Detectives are on scene to investigate the circumstances and the FBI has been notified.