Thursday, May 11 – A man suspected of evading arrest was found and taken into custody. He was charged with avoiding arrest and was linked to a possible theft earlier that week.

More than a month ago, the man escaped authorities by ditching his car on La Vereda Road and running away from officers. Although deputies were not able to catch him, he left a photo of himself in his vehicle.

The suspect had been connected to a burglary of DVDs earlier that week.

The owner of the DVDs said a friend had recently purchased some rare Russian DVDs, the same ones he claimed had been stolen from him. When questioned, the friend told Deputy A. Hernandez that he had purchased the DVDs from the suspect.

The victim’s friend said the suspect was a 6-foot, 4-inch “skinny tweeker,” a term for a methamphetamine user. He also told authorities that the suspect lived in a downtown apartment, which led authorities to the perpetrator.

The suspect denies all the charges.

Residential Burglary on Park Lane

Tuesday, May 16 – An unknown suspect(s) stole the contents of a makeup bag that had two diamond necklaces, one pearl necklace, and one pearl bracelet from a Park Lane residence. The jewelry is valued at $65,000.

The female resident said she left her house mid-day to bring her children to swimming practice. When she arrived home, her three dogs were loose in the driveway and the side door of her home was wide open.

The resident told Deputy Dickey that she locked her three dogs in the house but left her side door unlocked.

Evidence was gathered at the crime scene. The case is pending results.

Smash and Grab at Cold Springs Trailhead

Wednesday, May 17 – A victim reported that a rock was thrown through the back window of his vehicle parked at the Cold Springs Trail head and that his wallet was stolen from inside. After witness reports County deputies connected the crime to a Ventura county resident.

The owner of the vehicle said he left with a friend for a hike and upon returning, his rear window had been smashed.

Deputy Messmore wrote in his police report that the suspect’s weapon of choice was a rock a little larger than a softball.

Another hiker coming down the trail said he witnessed two Hispanic males looking suspiciously into the hiker’s car. The witness wrote down the driver’s plate number and identified the getaway vehicle as a blue car.

The license plate was traced to Ventura county resident.

Drug Transportation on Hermosillo Drive

Friday, May 19 – A routine traffic stop on Hermosillo Drive turned into a drug transportation arrest after a suspect alerted deputies of his wrongdoings.

Deputy W. Johnson pulled over a vehicle for driving with a back taillight out. A routine background check revealed that the man was driving with a suspended license. The suspect said he had been trying to take care of it, but had failed to get his license back.

When the suspect was asked whether he was carrying drugs or weapons the man said, “I’m not going to lie, you guys are going to find it anyways; I have crystal methamphetamine in the truck. I was transporting methamphetamine for a friend in Orange County to my friend who is working construction in San Luis Obispo.”

Deputies found six grams of methamphetamine inside the vehicle.

The man was arrested on drug transportation charges and taken to County Jail.

Monte Cristo Lane Resident’s Life Threatened

Saturday, May 20 – A suspect reportedly telephoned a 64-year-old Monte Cristo Lane woman from Santa Barbara County Jail and threatened to kill her.

The victim told Deputy Espinoza she had been receiving phone calls from an old acquaintance and that he had been threatening to kill her. Although the suspect is currently in jail, he apparently told the victim that “he knows people” who would could fulfill his threat. The sheriff’s report indicated that the victim, who lives alone, said she had to “change her lifestyle in order to protect herself.”

The victim and the suspect started their dispute more than four years prior when the victim left for Europe and she claimed the suspect moved into her house without permission. When she returned, she said she was missing $30,000 worth of furniture.

Recently, the suspect went to jail and because the victim won’t help him, she assumes he’s seeking revenge.

She requested a restraining order on the suspect and said she intends to press charges.