Talk about arriving with a bang. On the Fourth of July of last year, this Lilac Crowned Amazon Parrot flew into someone’s yard. All attempts to locate the bird’s rightful guardian proved unsuccessful. The finder, who had always wanted a parrot, dubbed the parrot Freedom. He tried in vain to form a bond with his new feathered friend, but Freedom showed a marked preference for the lady of the house, who was not keen on the idea of sharing her roost with a parrot. Subsequently, Freedom was brought to the good folks at Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary, where he is enjoying his temporary digs until a permanent home can be found. Freedom is a gentle-natured chatterbox, who does a great imitation of a monkey. Freedom will make a wonderful pet for a woman who does not have issues with noise.

To meet Freedom, call Santa Barbara Bird Sanctuary at 565-1807 or visit

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