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Also Inside This Issue

The Way It Was
Hattie Beresford on Santa Cruz Island, land of many uses, destination for determined pleasure seekers

Eye on Montecito
John Watson, on building that launched architect Reginald Johnson’s Santa Barbara career

Letters to the Editor
Jack Maxwell hacks back; Bob Hazard scorches Al Gore’s global warming flick; lots more

Community Calendar
Get your Music Academy tickets; live music at Tsunami; Montecito Union sixth-graders do “Peter Pan”; summer fun heats up

Coming & Going
Fire Ball cooks up another sizzling affair; Speaking of Stories with Montecito author T. C. Boyle

The 2006 “Summit for Danny”
Bob Bryant, family and friends to climb Ecuador’s Cotopaxi to benefit drug rehab center

Adopt a Pet
Gentle-natured, chatty parrot Freedom shows distinct preference for ladies over lads

Scene Around Town
Hats off for new piano; Visiting Nurse & Hospice Care does Mother’s Day; Jane Fonda and her life so far

Ernie’s World
In between being famous humor writer and musician, Ernie has little time to show off his skills as bonsai artist

The “Women of Purpose” Luncheon
Two hundred show up to El Mirador Estate to support Hillside House, honor Dr. David Winter

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf on Lewis and Clark and America’s obsession with lionizing their memory

Books for Kids
Marni McGee celebrates release of children’s novel at Nanette Giordano’s Montecito estate

World of Golf
“Professional club-fitter” Bill Kelly says clubs should adjust to the golfer, not other way around

Real Estate View
Montecito real estate king Dan Encell on low end cools and high end hots

Trail Talk
California legacy of artist A. R. Valentien comes to Los Olivos; treat for trail and nature lovers alike

On the Beat
It’s Santa Barbara Bowl season time; Chris Judge joins masterminds Gilles Apap and Teka; Greencards at Sings Like Hell

Events Calendar
Green and beer galore at Irish Festival; “Passport to New Zealand”; Venetian Carnival through Opera Santa Barbara; much more

Fourth time’s a charm for home boy Todd Rodgers; hubbub over; more

World of Wine
Judy Willis on “Brix in ’06,” celebrating 80th anniversary of Junior League of Santa Barbara

Sheriff’s Blotter
Jewelry burglary on Park Lane; smash and grab at Cold Spring Trailhead; more crime reports courtesy of County deputies

Classified Advertising


Vol. 12 Issue 12


In 1969, an a cappella group at Columbia University called the Kingsmen ditched their jackets, ties and alter boy image in favor of slicked back coifs and gold lame. They became known as Sha Na Na and immediately put to practice a retroactive repertoire of ’50 rock ‘n’ roll singing and dancing. An immediate hit with audiences, Sha Na Na performed the “Grease Under Stars” concert at New York’s Low Plaza and made a subsequent appearance at Woodstock and headlined at notable venues from coast to coast. The bustling act spawned the Broadway musical, “Grease” and Sha Na Na continued to bring its act to festivals, including a spring of ’69 extravaganza at Wollman Rink. Titled “The Glory That Was Grease,” the show wasn’t merely a celebration of Elvis Presley’s hairdo, it was also a nod, inadvertently, to ancient Greece and its gods through innuendo.

Local News


Westmont College progress so far; Montecito avoids more affordable housing; meet the Sheriff’s race candidates

Days before he decided on, and ultimately denied, a Ty Warner Hotels & Resorts application to install a traffic median on Channel Drive, Montecito Fire Chief Ron McClain promised the proposal’s opponents that his Board of Directors would uphold any decision he makes. He was right. ...


The Anti-Affordable Housing Revolution

Montecito staves off more attempts at workforce housing. Thank God, says Tim.

Caution seems warranted when words are taken directly from the Communist Manifesto and used in government programs, so whether you are against the affordable housing program or more importantly, for it, there are a couple of things you should know about how the program is run: ...

The Private Property Report


On May 16, the County auditor submitted a preliminary report on the County’s affordable housing program to the Board of Supervisors. Having previewed just 81 of the estimated 395 affordable housing units in the program, the auditor, Bob Geis, found an astonishing level of violations of occupancy, rental and sale...

Lanny’s World


Montecito Union-YMCA land swap helps us reconsider seventh and eighth grade classes at MUS

Is it time for the Montecito Union School District to become a kindergarten through eighth grade school district again? The recent apparent agreement for the Montecito Union School District to obtain several acres of land adjacent to the school by swapping it with the Montecito YMCA opens this question. ...

Classical Connection


One never fails to marvel at how the tiny little mountain village of Ojai came to host one of the country’s great little music festivals, but what’s even more amazing is that the festival turns 60 this year. Rather than settle into a comfort zone, however, the Ojai Festival continues...