MUS Carnival Raises $90,000

Having given away all the proceeds from last fall’s Jog-a-Thon to Katrina Relief, Montecito Union’s Parent Teacher Association relied on last month’s Carnival to come through in the clutch. PTA-financed school activities and programs, it appears, are safe for another year.

With its vaunted combo of corporate and individual sponsors, along with raffle ticket sales, silent auction and Wish List, the Carnival roped in $90,000 for 2006, on par with past efforts.

Among the 30 activities and programs that benefit from PTA contributions are Books for Bedtime, Gardening, the scholarship program, Art at Lunch, Shakespeare Performance & Enrichment, African Drum Residency and community outreach.

“This money raised by MUS Carnival has allowed us to continually provide financial benefits to every student and teacher at MUS, particularly during times of budgetary uncertainty for our public schools system,” says carnival Marni Rozet-Neighbors.

Second-hand Roses

The Music Academy of the West’s May Madness Sale on May 6 began in the tradition of every other: with a mad dash for the furniture. A procession numbering in the hundreds swept through like a storm and within instants, there was little left other than lonesome chairs and sofas that didn’t pass the scrutiny of shoppers. In the end, what wasn’t bought was picked up by local charities that have asked to go unnamed.

As usual, the antique room elicited a long queue of its own. People patiently stood in line to enter a baby boutique of breakables and valuables that every year seems to be worth the wait. Once inside, it’s not what you see, but rather what you hear that counts, though the tables cluttered with porcelain and sterling silver and the extremely low prices have their obvious appeals. Still, what is unmistakable is the din of shuffled feet, of mingling voices, of fine china and the chime of crystal that, when brought together, sounds like gospel in a cathedral.

Wherever you are at May Madness, you’re sure to find something to like, even if it isn’t for sale. Because for even a moment, another man’s trash can be another’s pleasure.