For the last eight years Red Studio has been providing a full service menu that includes haircuts, blowdrys, hair straightening, color, highlights, hair and eyelash extensions, skin care, massage, full body waxing, and make-up. Not to mention its two full-time manicurists and wide range of high end shampoos, conditioners and hair accessories.

Red Studio shares the red tile roof and Mexican pavers patio with Los Arroyos on Coast Village Road along with Christine Schell and Sullivan Goss.

Laszlo and Leora Gaspar, both hairdressers and now parents of 1-year-old Olivia, have owned the salon since 1998. Their original partners were first time entrepreneurs Patricia La Gall-Noel and Natasha Scott. Going their separate ways after three years, Leora took over the business and has grown it into a destination shop.

At the onset, Red’s niche was a younger audience of hip moms and daughters. Maintaining cutting edge attitude and ambience it adopted a down-home neighborhood feel that keeps customers of all ages flowing through its front doors.

In addition, Red’s staff, which includes Alyssa Reginato, Sarah Hulgan, Audrey Johnson and Dawn Alexander, has become a destination for Hollywood celebrities and to prepare for bridal parties. It offers full bridal services on location or in the salon every day by appointment.

What’s New at Red?

Four years ago when space next to the hair salon became available, Leora moved her manicurists Alice Tran and Susan Culver into a new studio separated by a wrought-iron breezeway and began offering day spa services such as facials, massage, full body wax and the latest trend to hit the beauty runways, eye lash extensions, performed by licensed esthetician and make-up artist Jessika Hoag.

Unlike regular fake eyelashes, which are glued to the eyelid, these are semi-permanent extensions applied directly to natural eyelashes, making them look longer and thicker for two or three months.

The salon also uses a new and exclusive organic skin care line from Hungary called Eminence.

As Leora’s clientele has expanded and the types of services she performs have changed, she says it became obvious that some of her clients, especially those getting hair extensions, color and having hair pieces made, needed more privacy. Giving up the self-tanning machine room, she furnished one of the treatment rooms with a dark wood console, Asian art and accessories, a great red swivel chair and she’s awaiting the arrival of a flat screen TV. The room instills the same tranquility and good energy of the hair salon.

“I never imagined how popular that space would be, but it makes perfect sense that the clients who have their hair colored or require extensions or hair pieces don’t want to be seated in the middle of a salon in full view and desire more privacy,” says Leora, who’s taught hairstyling and hair replacement for 15 years. “People really love this room. I can give more personal attention and am less distracted. My clients say they feel safe and relaxed and so do I.”

Red Studio (969-6963) is located at 1273 Coast Village Road. It is open Tuesday through Saturday from 9 am to 6 pm.