Breaking Through The Gloom

June Gloom began sometime in February. Gray skies and unlikely downpours continued into April and we’ve been socked in fog since early May. Those that believe June Gloom is simply a weather phenomenon, however, would be wrong; the fog and gloom we’re talking about are the depressing results of the upcoming June 6th election.

Regardless who wins the Second District seat on the Board of Supervisors being vacated by Susan Rose, any victory will be a vote for more taxpayer-subsidized housing. Candidate Joe Guzzardi says he is against the state’s housing mandate, and Dan Secord says he too is opposed to those mandates for Santa Barbara County. Even if Sacramento decides to get out of the local housing game (and if you believe it will, we’ve got some cheap Rolex watches to show you), all four candidates (including Janet Wolf and Das Williams) are for more, much more, “affordable housing.” All candidates seem willing – eager in the case of Ms Wolf and Mr. Williams – to destroy your neighborhood in the cause of “social justice.”

Many of the proposals for the creation of taxpayer-subsidized housing call for construction of 20 units per acre, though Guzzardi is for a less dense ten units per acre. Dr. Secord, a putative Republican, is against construction of any more high-end condominiums, meaning, presumably, he opposes free-market housing, favoring Soviet-style projects instead.

If Second District voters cast a ballot for either Mr. Secord or Mr. Guzzardi, they could maybe perhaps be slightly better off for it.

The Other Issues

If you are a current or budding bureaucrat, you will absolutely love Prop 82, Rob “Meathead” Reiner’s proposed “Pre-School For All” act that adds another 1.7% of taxation on individuals making $400,000 a year, heads of households earning $544,467, or married couples taking in $800,000. Prop 82 will set up a burdensome bureaucracy to administer this windfall profit, and mandates, over time, that all pre-school teachers be both credentialed and unionized. If you are sensible, you’ll vote a big NO on Prop 82.

Prop 81, a $600-million bond issue meant to pay for construction and renovation of the state’s libraries sounds good, but Californians hold enough public debt; we’re voting NO on Prop 82.

As for Measure H2006 “Shall the County of Mission be formed?” we reluctantly vote NO; now that North County has three votes on the Board of Supervisors, we feel safer. If the county were split in two and the remaining Santa Barbara County were headed up by the group that now controls South County, we would feel far less safe.

In the Primary elections for various candidates to run in November, only two stand out: Tom McClintock for Lieutenant Governor and Abel Maldonado for Controller. As for Sheriff, a vote for Butch Arnoldi, Jim Anderson, or Jim Thomas would set up a runoff election in November between two of them and we’re comfortable with that. They are all good men.

Barbara Dobbins Ingram (1928-2006)

Frail yet beautiful well into her seventies, Barbara Ingram had what we’d call the Spirit of Life. We remember her on a cruise to Mexico aboard the World a couple of years ago; her smile and enthusiasm carried her up stairs and around impediments when her body wouldn’t. Accustomed as she was to elegant travel, she continued to pack a large wardrobe including elaborate hats like those she wore in the 1940s and ‘50s, when “glamour” was in vogue. Her stunning hats were kept in separate hatboxes and all were brought on board. Barbara knew what glamorous was, having been both model and actress; she was Esquire Magazine’s Calendar Girl of 1951. Barbara had a devilish and sophisticated sense of humor, perhaps honed by her work with comics Milton Berle, Morey Amsterdam, and Ken Murray, who cast her as one of his “Glamorlovelies” on his TV show, “Ken Murray’s Blackouts.” In Hollywood, Barbara appeared in two RKO films, under the aegis of the legendary Howard Hughes.

Her passions included fashion, travel, art, music, books, and sports. She rarely missed an L.A. Lakers game and loved polo, especially as played at Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club. Barbara died on Thursday April 20th at Cottage Hospital, surrounded by family members. – James Buckley