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Also Inside This Issue

The Way it Was
Hattie Beresford’s preview of Pearl Chase Home Tour ends with El Contento, Andalusia and Artist’s Cottage

Eye on Santa Barbara
Some have riches in life, some in death. Man laid to death in this mausoleum got both.

Letters to the Editor
Welcome to Warnerville; congrats on website; more Coral Casino nitpicking; did we mention congrats on MJ’s website?

Purely Political
Global warming’s nothing more than hot air blown by the media, says Bill Steigerwald

Coming & Going
All Saints CASA judges and Cinco de Mayo; “On the Town” wrap-up; Aces up at Cold Spring; lots more

n.o.t.e.s from downtown
Introducing Calvin Klein’s new line of underwear and construction gear, Jim Alexander, aka Flabio

Adopt a Pet
Five-month-old bunny Fernando up for adoption; beware of National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day

Coast Village Road’s Red Studio adds new treatment room for client privacy

Garden Gossip
Chris and Lisa Cullen explore Santa Barbara’s flowers in their full fury

Scene Around Town
Girl power for Girls Inc; Las Aletas Spring Smash; “Vino e Verdi” for Granada restoration

Inside Education
Dan Kimball advances technology that could revolutionize way children learn

Local News
Montecito Union, YMCA find land swap donor; what’s Jack Maxwell up to? Miramar Hotel update; more

Trail Talk
Mountain biker gets severely injured on Romero Canyon, rescued after six hours

Parents Night Out
Crane transforms into Dr. Seuss “Crane-ville” in honor of children’s arts and literature

School Stuff
Mark your calendar for Crane xylophone group Vibes’s free concert on May 25

John Wilcock
Our British correspondent’s diary from Hawaii, where life springs from underworld

Inside Business
Neighborhood computer support company Make it Work is all-Montecito company

Our Town
Santa Barbara Wildlife Sanctuary Awards; Montecito docent Bruce Morden; more

Goodbye Mathew
Surfer Shaun Tomson’s beloved son will be remembered for infectious smile and easy-going attitude

Happy Birthday
Brian Storr celebrates his 40th at his mom’s Montecito home, surrounded by friends and family

World of Golf
Three hundred courses belong to New Zealand, one of which has world’s most photographed hole

Your Estate
If you want to work with small businesses, you must have asset protection, says Gary

Real Estate View
To refinance or not to refinance, that is the question; Seth Streeter answers and elaborates

Events Calendar
AVP gets beached in Santa Barbara; CALM Antiques Show; Speaking of Stories with T.C. Boyle

On the Beat
Fiddle virtuoso Mark O’Connor at Rockwood Women’s Club; Mark Knopfler and Emmylou Harris at the Bowl

On Stage
Screening of “Down the Rabbit Hole” to support SBCC Adult Ed; NIGHTS time falls upon us

Focus on Film
Eight first-rate first screenings of documentary movies at Human Rights Watch International Film Festival

World of Wine
Judy Willis explores why more and more winemakers are heading for Santa Rita Hills

Savoy Truffles is a lot more than a Beatles song, says Laurie Zalk

Sheriff’s Blotter
Break-ins, suspicious circumstances, neighborly disputes, spring fever prevails



Vol. 12 Issue 11


Breaking Through The Gloom

June Gloom began sometime in February. Gray skies and unlikely downpours continued into April and we’ve been socked in fog since early May. Those that believe June Gloom is simply a weather phenomenon, however, would be wrong; the fog and gloom we’re talking about are the depressing results of the...

Book Talk


It is 1982 and you are stuck in the depths of Ms Thatcher’s England, living in a hopelessly small town, prisoner of unforgiving social striations. You do not have the aura or the brass to be among the social elite. You are not called by your first name or anything...

Montecito Moments

MUS Carnival Raises $90,000

Montecito Union Carnival wrap-up; May Madness mad dash; Middle School auction

Having given away all the proceeds from last fall’s Jog-a-Thon to Katrina Relief, Montecito Union’s Parent Teacher Association relied on last month’s Carnival to come through in the clutch. PTA-financed school activities and programs, it appears, are safe for another year. ...

Montecito Musings


Last year I bought a small 1929 Spanish house in Montecito. The ad said “charming,” which we all know in realtor lingo means “small and needs major work.” By the time I moved in, the market had “adjusted,” another realtor term. I realized I’d overpaid for mi casa at the...