Friday, April 14 – A Westmont College official reported a burglary attempt at the gymnasium.

An unknown suspect used an unidentified object to break off the door handle at Westmont’s Gymnasium.

A public safety specialist for Westmont informed Deputy R. Gamboa of the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department that the suspect had probably wanted to steal athletic equipment kept inside the gym.

The safety specialist said due to a high level of activity occurring at the gym, it was impossible to identify any suspects.

County Sheriff’s personnel reported no latent fingerprints were procured from the gymnasium door.

Graffiti on Olive Mill

Saturday, April 15 – An Olive Mill Road resident reported someone spray-painted a wall on her property. The estimated damage is $200.

The victim stated that she was walking around her property and noticed graffiti on the southern wall facing the railroad tracks.

After speaking with the victim, Deputy R. Gamboa said he located more graffiti, some on a wall located just west of her property and also on a green shack just north of the railroads tracks.

The resident said she did not know who did this but indicated it wasn’t the first time this wall had been vandalized.

Digital photographs were taken of the graffiti along Olive Mill and were sent to the Forensics Bureau for storage.

Manhunt on La Vereda Road

Thursday, April 20 – County Sheriff’s officials are in search of a suspect who escaped by foot after an attempt by deputies to pull over the man’s vehicle on Jameson lane for a seatbelt violation.

In the man’s vehicle, deputies found a backpack containing a picture of the suspect along with a used methamphetamine pipe, a small digital scale, empty plastic baggies and several pocket knives. The case is pending leads.

Deputy A. Hernandez reported he was patrolling in a uniformed patrol car traveling northbound on San Ysidro Lane at Santa Rosa Road when he noticed a red Volkswagen convertible with the top down traveling southbound on San Ysidro Road. Hernandez noticed the driver wasn’t wearing his seatbelt so he made a U-turn and pulled over the suspect.

Hernandez turned on his lights and instructed the vehicle to pull over, but the driver turned westbound on North Jameson Road. The suspect finally pulled the vehicle over on La Vereda Road.

While the deputy was exiting his vehicle, the suspect also exited and took off on foot headed northbound on Vereda and turned left on Greenworth Place. The deputy called for backup and pursued the suspect on foot. The suspect ran into a private residence where he wasn’t seen again.

Soon after the man’s disappearance, backup units, with the help of canines and helicopters, arrived on the scene. The search lasted for an hour and a half.

Early Bird Bust by Bird Refuge

Thursday, April 20 – A man was arrested for possession of methamphetamines and paraphernalia in a parking area on Los Patos Way.

During an early bird beat, Deputy Lampe said he approached a vehicle parked behind a Los Patos Way business and shined his spotting light in the window.

Lampe said the suspect got out and asked the deputy why he was shining a bright light at his car. Apparently the light was making it difficult for the passenger to sleep.

The suspect showed Deputy Lampe his driver’s license. During a consensual pat-down, Lampe found a small pocketknife, a pipe and some methamphetamine in the suspect’s pocket.

The suspect had no bail outstanding felony warrant. He was placed in handcuffs and taken to County Jail.

Laptop Stolen on Danielson

Friday, April 21 – An unknown suspect stole a new laptop computer from a Danielson Road residence.

The victim said she left her residence unlocked and went out for a little while. When she returned the laptop, which was sitting on her table, was gone.

Deputy K. Rushing found no sign of forced entry or any latent fingerprints. The case is pending leads.