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The Way it Was
Pearl Chase Tour makes annual return to Montecito, this time through storied Hedgerow area

Eye on Montecito
Montecito mailbox shows how handmade objects are more heartfelt than ones made by machines

Letters to the Editor
Why do we have legal imperative to welcome illegal immigrants? Deporting is good idea; way to go Rodney Gould

Community Calendar
Cooking classes; Westmont hearings; PTA meeting; CAMA’s Hidden Gardens tour

Ernie’s World
Mr. Witham becomes first person ever to get kicked out of Anacapa Island tour

Adopt a Pet
Rhodesian Ridgeback mix Shasta needs someone strong and assertive to love and guide her

New Business
Judy Foreman says Cabana Home is going to change how we look at home furnishings

Scene Around Town
Dock rocks; Santa Barbara International Film Festival previews “One Last Thing”; wine and design

Books for Kids
Literary knights and maidens join together to wage mother of all book battles

Book Talk
Shelly Lowenkopf’s homage to lists and “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird”

The Montecito Report
Housing element update; Montecito Country Club renovation; ZORP public comment period zipping by

Mark Your Calendar
Hillside House honors David Winters at El Mirador for annual fundraising luncheon

Wartime Memories
Interview with John Blankenship, who boasts world-sized World War II collection

Trail Talk
Lace up your hiking shoots or put on your riding boots; this fortnight has lots to offer

Column of Lasting Insignificance
2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike ride, 26.2-mile run; it’s Hawaii’s ultimate challenge, Ironman Triathlon

School Stuff
Crosby Loggins performs at Cold Spring School for environment; MJ to cover birthdays

Parents Night Out
smART families leave kids at home so Montecito moms and dads can have some fun

Our Town
Shirley Waxman is one of two Montecito docents at Santa Barbara Museum of Art

World of Golf
Avila Beach has plush, oceanside golf course, and it’s surrounded by other plush, oceanside courses

State Street Spin
Opera hoedown at Brooks Firestone’s Crossroads Meadow; Arabian Nights’s chic sheiks and sheikas

Your Estate
Conservation easements allow owners to preserve land and get something nice in return

Events Calendar
MAGiStiR at SOhO; Solstice gala; Bach by candlelight; B.B. King at Arlington on May 16;

On the Beat
Richard Thompson has made career out of charting his own way, and he’s not changing his course

Focus on Film
What happens to wrongfully convicted people once they’re exonerated? One movie explains.

On Stage
“Chicken Soup for the Soul” co-creator Jack Canfield reveals his “Science of Success”

Laurie Zalk on how Bay Café is reemerging as Santa Barbara destination for seafood

World of Wine
Judy Willis reports on intersection of Heaven and Earth at Hawaii’s Kona Village Resort

Sheriff’s Blotter
Graffiti, break-ins, escaping from deputies; what would life be without a little mischief?

Volunteers Needed
Please don’t make us have to force you; we know the right people in the right places

Classified Advertising

A Montecito Home and Garden Tour

Vol. 12 Issue 10


Fun Facts:

Tim includes fun facts about the UC system, lobotomies and 18th century dentistry

In light of all the controversy surrounding illegal immigration, social security, Medicare, Iran, the Iraq War, and other issues, I suffered a serious brain-freeze and decided instead to pass on a few fun facts that you ought to know. ...

The Private Property Report


State of California is forcing affordable housing upon Santa Barbara, but there are ways out of it, says Kim Seefeld

State Housing Mandates Are Headed for Montecito...

Coming & Going

Libyan Sunsets

Dale Lowdermilk, Montecito’s Astronomical Unit in Residence, and his wife, Pierina, traveled to the Libyan desert recently to witness the solar eclipse that took place on March 29th. With them were a small group of tourists from the Central Coast, including Santa Barbara residents Craig and Yvonne Praiter and their...

Local News


Tempers flair over Channel Drive median proposal; Jack Maxwell to sell Summit Road home; Rodney Gould steps down

Business Association President Steps Down...